1. B

    Powerlevel dropping

    In esf 1.2.3 i noticed that everytime i died i lost some of my powerlevel. Will what happen too in Esf:final? because if so, it'll be a little difficult to progress in super saiyan form to the next level.
  2. kam!

    Dropping adv. melee?

    Well this isn't technically a suggestion, but more a start of a discussion. I thinks that the current simple melee (and I guess the general melee of 1.1) is pretty awesome. So awesome that it could make up melee in general. Well let's face it: 1.2 adv melee sucks, and the current design docs...
  3. V

    New Update For Goku Gt

    Yes i know many ppl said his head was to small now i fixed that ! And even i put the belt in the middle Because it was first on the right Here take a look in my view its much better now .
  4. I

    clan dropping

    ive decided to drop my clans, cause i dont really like being incharge of a clan. i was more like thinking, if any of your guys's clans was recruiting, i would love to tryout. i'd have to say ive goten better,faster at playing the game. just post here if your clan is tryingout.
  5. A

    Servers Just Keep Dropping People!

    I Don't Know Why... but I'll Tell You My Broadband Specs... [email protected] Cable (Connected To Firewall/Router to 4Ports) I Know It Must Be Th Firewall But I Think I Already Bypassed It... The Router Is A Netgear... And I Host Dedicated's On Other Computers. And I Can Only Find My (Dedicated) Server...
  6. Cold Steel

    don't have name yet WIP

    Well this my first map. Just want some critz. Here are some pics. http://www.geocities.com/powb15/plaatje_1.jpg http://www.geocities.com/powb15/plaatje_2.jpg http://www.geocities.com/powb15/plaatje_3.jpg Just a reminder if the link doesn't work just pate and copy. You all know the deal.
  7. Jango*Fett

    people dropping in a ps

    i was just wondering if people dropping to the ground (from the air, basically stop flying so they wont die) during a power struggle will be stopped. that is kinda lame, inless they make the beam origin move with them so they die anyway. PS> i dont know if this has been mentioned before, but...
  8. K

    power struglging and dropping down

    i find it really cowardly to find that my opponite has fallen down, on perpose because he saw he was going to lose. could you make it that you couldn't drop down like that. mabey you should make it that when your in a PS flying doesn't take Ki and you can't move?