1. C

    client being dropped

    ok i havent had this problem before. trying to join a few servers and during joining the server it tells me that the client has been dropped by the server. i found it odd because there was a couple servers i could join, but of course there was like 1 noob there. and ideas?
  2. J

    client dropped by server

    i just had the game installed but every time i want to join a game it says client dropped by server. what must i do to stop that and enjoy a good game of esf???
  3. I

    wwwhyyyyy my server dropped?

    why my server dropped when hes want join ? sry for my english
  4. S

    Oh noes! i dropped my pie :(

    heh, well i got a request from maistro, this is still a wip, anyways, this will be for a sig he wants, lemme know watcha think, oh and btw this is an experiment as well for shading >_< i havent inked in the real world for ages, i no longer have my tablet, so im relying on good old pen and paper...
  5. Wuying Ren

    Two model requests

    Can anyome try to make a ssj4 Gogeta and/or a Oob/Uub model ?