1. donnierisk

    my computer doesn't pick up my cd and dvd drives

    hi there all, well for some time now, my computer doesn't seem to pick up that I have a dvd and cd drive connected to it, it hasn't always been this way, but I think after I formatted a while ago this happened. When I go to my computer and look at where the drives are supposed to be I can't...
  2. CM

    18 year old boy drives full bus from NO to Houston Wow. This guy is a ****ing hero.
  3. Mr. Satans

    Virtual Memory w/ Multiple Drives

    I have use two harddrives. My SLAVE drive, which is 31.4 GB (completely empty) I would like to use mainly for virtual memory for my MASTER drive (149 GB MAX - 119 GB Free). What should my virtual memory be set at for my SLAVE drive? MASTER Drive VM Settings --> 672 MB (Min) | 1344 MB (Max)
  4. Wuabbit

    Steam Drives Me CrazY

    Ok i have a perfectly normal working hl and cs ....... I get steam ...... I get the hl 1.10 patch I get the Esf steam pack v 2.0 I go into esf .... I click on '' find servers '' a few servers show ... I double click on the one with least latency and most players The...