1. sub

    box draws pure drinkable water from oceans, poisons—anything

    From the creator of the Segway: http://gizmodo.com/370698/colbert-first-vid-of-dean-kamens-miracle-water-distiller I'm extremely skeptical of this, but if it's true, this man just invented one of the most monumental things ever.
  2. sub

    Dood draws photorealistic PSP in... mspaint?

    Yes. http://www.joystiq.com/2007/03/01/watch-some-guy-draw-a-photo-realistic-psp-in-ms-paint/
  3. -Blaze-

    OMFG Black Gohan draws girls again!!!! (WIP)

    Topic ;/ http://img362.imageshack.us/my.php?image=practicehi8.png It still is not finished, but sure is better than my first girlfriend.:) Drawing is MS Paint C&C P.S. Can anyone give me tuts for drawing poses?????
  4. S

    2 Draws (n00b) :)

    Well heres my 2 drawings i just made... the first one is Vegeta and the other one is Gotenks when hes figting Buu and gets really mad ;) they're very unclear cus my webcam sux :( so... maybe its hard for u to critz but just tell me what u think! Vegeta: Gotenks (mad) very wird looking i...
  5. Mister Satan

    So as it draws to a close...

    well summer holidays are just about gone(saving 14 hours) in the uk at least so im just wondering what everyone got up to?...myself i had the pleasant task of waiting for my Test results and seeing what i'ld do with my life..turns out im off to collage..though not with this spelling..Grr..too...
  6. Escobar

    Elavation.V2 (Poster)

    a poster i just made, well im still adjusting to the style but slowly slowly im getting their, thanx to naz for inspiration lol and lil help!!
  7. B

    photoshop prob

    ehm, sicne yesterday my paintbrush/pencil tools are ****ed, for example, when i choose a 2 pixel brush and i draw there wont be a line, and when i use a bigger brush (10 or something) then it draws a 2 pixel line, its weird and *** and i would like to know how to get rid of it (its photoshop 6.0)
  8. K

    ne 1

    have a perfect cell and namek saga krillin model?

    PRIVATE dont read

    HAHAHAHHAHAHA, you looked cuz i said dont look now see what you get AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......i have to find something better to do in my time =(
  10. .FM.


    yes i made the wall paper (ryoko) :S comments? O_o
  11. E

    Powerstruggle draws

    In alpha when two players are in a powerstruggle for a long period of time and throughout that time they pump ki into the attacks, the explosions gets pretty big. The end result to these long powerstruggles is usually the death of both the winner and the loser, and sometimes the rest of the...
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