1. Z

    Requesting Drawovers, please?

    Yo, i've started a mod for hl2, and my modelers need some help, dont suppose you guys would be kind enough to get some references done for us? they will be cheerished ^_^ full body, head, side head. Armsr, side arms, legs and side legs. i remember there use to be a draw over by David here...
  2. S

    Vegeta drawovers

    Can someone make me drawovers of Blue suit Vegeta?
  3. C

    Hand, Refs,drawovers, crits and comments. plz

    Hey guys... I'm modeling a hand for a sasuke that I am doing. There's somthing just not right about it and so i thought you guys can mayby point it out. I havent gotten to the point of "Removing useless poly's" YET. But please point out what you think is not needed. Current tris are about...