1. M

    Goku power drain

    Yesterday I was playing on the beta as Goku, with 35mill power. I went afk and people had been attacking me whilst I was gone. When I come back, I have 476,326 power.
  2. sub

    SSJ Ki Drain Values

    This thread is in response to Harsens post in this thread, specifically post 40. So the point of the thread is to determine what the ki drain values should be for 1.3. ---------------------------------- With that out of the way, I believe that the ki drain while transformed should be...
  3. Phobius

    Cvars to change Swoop and Dash speeds along with Ki drain.

    All credits go to joe he made this post along time ago I just thought it would be a good idea for the community to know about these cvars. Cvar List charge_turbo_hold_time - Default Value: 0.45 Time that you have to hold onto the turbo button for charged turbo to "kick" on. charge_turbo_time...
  4. D

    ssj form ki drain

    i think that, just like in every other dbz game ever made, that ssj should have a ki drain on it including ssj2 ussj,ussj2 (if it is in the game) and ssj3 the drain would work like this(well its obvious how it would work but ill explain anyway):every second you would lose 1/100 of your ki bar...
  5. [SSj]~Piccolo

    Energy Drain in SSj

    I know it has been suggested long time ago- by me - but nobody took notice. I think it would be much more like the shows - and be much nicer - if being SSj would permanently cost some energy. The closer you are at the minimum-transform-powerlevel, the more it should cost. Finally if you reach...
  6. S


    what does pll mean by Poly by Poly?? cause im kinda confused because im a Newbie Model so thats why im asking so can any1 tell me?
  7. SierraSonic

    Energy Drain & Flying Option

    I think that holding any attack, other than the spirit bomb, should cost as much energy as flying or turbo activated, but only turns on when holding an attack. Kind of making sure people just don't stand there flying and holding an attack waiting for a person to pop up and fire a fully loaded...