1. clen

    Dragondude and OpLiveCrime

    I'm surprised that nobody has done this yet but i'd like to make a thread especificly for welcoming dragondude and OpLiveCrime to the esf team :smile: :yes: Now everyone needs to either give him some : a.Cookies b.Love or c.picture of a babe/kidboy P.S. I'm an exception to this rule.... P.P.S...
  2. DragonDude

    DragonDude's Gems of the Internet

    Yeah, I stole the title from Attack of the Show. So sue me. <sup>1</sup> Anyway, we all know how vast our grand Internet is. Ever find yourself sitting on the computer, bored, and thinking that it's amazing that you have the entire world at your fingertips, yet you still can't find anything...
  3. S


    why is it when u can see humpless in the corner of ur eye, he looks like he's humpin faster, then when u look back. hes not goin as fast :(. LOL :P
  4. Cold Steel

    Happy birfday DragonDude

    Happy birfday DD, hope you have a blast ;)
  5. Optional


    Who made it? Can you release it? :cry:
  6. J

    Great mapping challenge

    I would like to set up a mapping challenge The person that can create the best rats map of a spaceship in one weeks hence will win. What do you win? Nothing :cry: you just get bragging rights that you are better then all those other mappers.:)
  7. DragonDude

    DragonDude's First Sig!

    I finally figured out how to use the basic tools of Photoshop, and I finally made a sig. It's a small one, and incredibly simple, but how does it look? I'm taking a break from mapping and I'm gonna develop some sigging skills. :D Please be gentle. :p EDIT - Bad quality! :scared: How...
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