1. IceX

    Shadi's signature... he's a douche

    OK, here's the whole story. Shadi asked me to find a render for a signature, because he wanted a new one... so I behaved like a good boy and gave him login info of my PREMIUM account on, and few days later I made him a signature with Luffy from Onepiece. Ok so where is the...
  2. Ravendust

    Jack Thompson is still an unholy douche

    Following the seeming trend of recent online suicides, an American gamer named Mitchel, better known as 'Kuja105' on the forums posted a suicide note. Administrators tracked down his phone number to talk him out of it but it was in vain. Overwhelmed by financial and...
  3. Z

    sos is douche vill

    **** the sos tree huging pusy's i tink that sos s so ****t up they ar so vain that thei even think poeple woud like to rip there models (who would ) u would have to pay me big time to use models some douche ******* made so **** u all u douches ps vox i dont remember being sutch a big shot in...
  4. Brim

    Biggest Douche

    Upon watching one of my favorite episodes of South Park (615 - Biggest Douche in the Universe) I have decided to ask everyone, who they think the biggest douche in the universe vote goes to...Oprah