1. K

    ESF:ECX R2 Dot work

    Hi, i have a probelm ever when i join a ESF:ECX R2 server the load line stop in the middle of the line. Can u tell me how i fix it or what i must done for fix it ??
  2. S

    Red Saiyan dot net...

    What happened? I was gonna post up my Fire Goku and Ice Goku models with sprites,and the site was down,anyone tell me what happened? he forget to pay the bill or what? -Shadz
  3. ssj999vegeta

    what is a wrl

    i know .wrl store grpahics but what exactly is it? is it code or is it like a vector graphic what? and dont post htat old sticky about editing wrl's or ill break ur face
  4. Wyatt

    New Recharge Sprite

    Ok i gots a recharge sprite i dont got a host so i cant show some pics or release the file myself but if sum1 can release this for me then im me at [email protected] but it is muuuch better than the dots
  5. D

    Link Fixed

    The link works just remove the dot at the end of the link for the slow minded Whoops, wrong button should be a reply to A Mystic Gohan? Sorry O_o
  6. C

    CaSe SeNsItIvE - Artwork Topic

    Right, after posting lots on the DMZ forums, ive decided to do one here.... For starters, heres my Deviantart Profile Here you will find lots of my new and old stuff Here are some of the best sigs that i have done...
  7. S

    can some1 help me i dont no where to put the gohan pack

    plz can u help me everythings the same except for the sounds but i dont want mystic gohans sounds i want teen gohan sounds and it wont let me do that so can some1 help me:cry: ;(
  8. Macro-Gamer

    Macro-Gamer's sig thread

    Macro-Gamer's sig thread: crits please I did a couple of quick sigs a few days ago. I don't think i'm happy with them so i prolly wont be using ether. But theres more to come. Oh and i havn't figured out how to get these links working properly so if the pic doesn't work, copy and past the link...
  9. Vegito1180

    New Sig

    What Do u Think Of My New Sig?
  10. S

    ** Conversion Rel**

    ok, this is a conversion for gohan. It is azn dragon's excellente battle damaged teen gohan model. and my friend lil gohan made the SS model actually have yellow hair so he actually transforms. I included sounds (I got the kamehameha from lil gohan as well and the trans and sheildha are...
  11. OneWingedAngel

    Which is Better?

    Hey, I decided to try mapping after i relized i have no talent for modeling ;/ anyways I was wondering which is better Worldcraft or Hammer? I'm DLing Hammer right now but i'd like to know if one is better then the other your help would be appreciated and if you help i'll give you :paper...
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