1. tekhsheen

    DOS artwork

    i was kinda bored so i made this image apear in a cmd (the dos window)... ITS SMILING :D :laff: sorry bout the image beeing too wide i am using a laptop (widescreen) :p
  2. sub

    DOS mode

    This has nothing to do with esf, but I didn't know where to put it. Anyway, is there a way you can go into dos mode with xp? If so, can you guys please tell me. Thanks.
  3. A

    DOS help!

    When I run windows DOS for like compiling maps or w/e with HLCC or any other DOS programs. It auto closes. Does anyone know how to make it not auto close?
  4. S

    A problem with dos games on xp....

    well, i've been trying to play mugen and other things, but it wont let me play them on my computer (windows xp), when i try to run mugen, it tells me i need a VESA driver, so i got a universal version and i dont know how its ment to work......... any help? cuz i just dont know........
  5. CM

    [WIP] Goku

    used nuttzys base model, rescaled the feet *will be fixed later* belt straps are temporary just to give the look. my bro is workin on the chest and head so thats that, and i might redo the feet, individual toes are good especially with the current, very generous poly count i see. i need to clean...
  6. Death The Jedi

    My first bryce

    Don't ask why I named it that. I don't know. I was really bored, and decided to try my hand at 3d art.. it takes longer to render than it does to make!:S
  7. Pommy


    I read the cs girl tutorial by dos for milkshape but it doesn't really go into detail on the modeling it just basically tells you what to do. Is there any tutorials for milkshape that tell you <i>how</i> to do things or techniques to use for different things. Does anyone know what I mean? Are...
  8. B0Bmaster40000

    ESF Textures

    how do you extract textures from compiled esf maps to use some of them in your own maps? like how DJ Ready has used esf_city textures in his s2k_great_tournaments map. Or where they new textures?
  9. Mewtwo

    Aura colours

    when I first use my models in the game I find that they look crummy because aura colour dosn't go with the model. Is there anyway I can change the aura colour?
  10. S

    need HELP!

    ey guys i have made a c00l map but i need help with something. so plz PLZ e-mail me!!! msn: [email protected] / [email protected] but anyway thnx for reading my treath:]
  11. S

    @ vassago

    can u post again the pics of ur zero model?? the model with the black long hair and a tattoo. so i forget to save it, at that time. so the model is so cool i want it in my pics archive. :) please, post it again. that would be great!!! thx [email protected]
  12. VivaLaPineapple

    better or worse better or worse than my cell phone?
  13. I

    My vegeta my vegeta skin check....
  14. ZuL

    Sword superslash animation

    I made it for fun, and it turned out to be very good! I hope i get this into my mod... :) oh well, heres the link to the zip. ZuL
  15. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    Image hosted by angelfire

    Y does sigs hosted by angelfire dont work? look at mine , i get a pic img hosted by angelfire , but i want my sig!!!!!!!!
  16. L

    Im Nearly There !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    please please please please help me .i am trying to make a map and Darkness helped me wiv the loading bit .cheers :devil: but once i have made the level and have loaded it and it asks me who i want to be when i pick someone it goes back out to the console and loads the level again please help...
  17. D

    My Kooler And Metal Kooler Skins!!!!!!

    I made some really bad ass skins, these will replace Frieza of course, Kooler and Metal Koller!!!!! So if you want em' get em here or at the home of the [SSJD]! All credit goes to me and and our Clan. Thanks! I think you'll like em! Kooler-
  18. S

    ESF model wrong

    I think many people have noticed this but all models hands are like screwed up major this dosnt look good at all and actually lowers the fun factor a bit (at least for me) Oh and Vegetas hand is also messed up when firin a big bang...