1. O


    Hi, I just wanted to say "thanks" to the ESF team. I have been playing your game since the very first Alpha version. Before that I played DragonmodZ. I remember how quickly ESF catched up and surpassed DMZ. When I left DMZ for good, I never looked back. I also tried some Bid For Power but that...
  2. DBXMe2

    Models to donate! Because I dont know what to do with them...

    hey, if anyone can use these models at all... PLEASE do.. I'm not in the mood to continue them at the moment, since I'm working hard in school.... So here are a few renders of the models.. if you guys seem interested, I'll put up some RARs of the files and my Marty McFly model.. so a...
  3. Mr. Satans

    ESF v1.1b SSJ Goku

    What in teh hell is with the new SSJ Goku model?? I mean damn, seriously! The old model was WAY better, well I'm mostly complaining about the hair and the way it moves. I'm sure I couldn't do better but I don't understand how it could get worse, maybe it was half-assed like the new scouter...
  4. T


    lol, i got a email asking me to donate something to the esf team. i'd really like to, but i(want i think most of the peeps here who are 16 or younger) don't have a credit card. that's too bad, cuz i'd like to pay to help you guys and get the release earlier:). isn't there another way?