1. H

    Why are people DODGING so well?

    Just curious........i thought it was pure luck of whether u can guess the arrow right when it comes.. the arrow appears SO FAST be4 u can even think about what button to press. How do people manage to get all those arrows right? Is there a strategy for this? I've seen pros who dodged all 7...
  2. imported_EVIL_GOKU

    swoop dodging

    well...I am kinda boored about the swoop in front of a beam and expload in here is what I would suggest If joo swoop to a player and the player shoots a beam at joo and you are pretty close to the beam..and joo wanna dodge it then this thing would happend....Now this is what happends...
  3. imkongkong

    Making a difference between BLOCKING and DODGING melee

    im suggesting when arrows pop up during advanced melee, you can either choose between DODGING (current system) and BLOCKING. dodging would work as you just press the arrow to match it. blocking would be pressing the block button in advanced melee and ONE arrow would then automatically fill...
  4. D


    With the new mellee while blocking someone shouldn't you be able dodge? like hold right click and push the right buttons and then you dodge. That way I can proove my little brother can't aim to save his life :laff:
  5. F

    Buu Dodging System

    I searched the forum and found nothing like this, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been sugested yet, if it has i'm sorry! But, Buu should have something like Gohans shield, but it only blocks beams and not melee attacks... his action would be to expand and a hole would open up in his body...
  6. SSJ n00b


    with what program i make folds to skins give dl link
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