1. D

    Is It Me Or Do None Of The Design Document Links Work?

    Whenever I try to click any of the links in the design documents thread. All I get is a "Forbidden" page. I'm pretty sure that this is something to do with me? But I'm wondering, is anyone having or had the same problem? If yes, do you know how to solve it? Thanks Devil Outlaw
  2. B

    Massive Leaked Sony Internal Document

    :D :paper: it awnsers everything weve been wondering or was unsure about regarding the ps3, enjoy
  3. 1_heart_boobies

    pen tool PS7

    ive used the pen tool before to cut images and move then to another document, and it worked fine, but i think somethings different now. i tried to cut an image, but this time, the image that i was trying to cut was filled with the color i chose for my foreground color...what am i doing wrong...
  4. TwisteR

    Model Request

    i was wondering could somebody make a piccolo with an animated cape? i just want to know if anybody will at least try it.