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    What The Hell.. DOA Movie..

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    DOA 4 video

    This video shows alot of combo's that aren't really doable online, but are good to start from if you are a Scrub<-- newbie to DOA =P. XDest the one doing the combos is a pretty decent DOA player, not great but not bad, he didn't design all these combos as it says, he saw ppl online doing...
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    I Got Banned from DOA!!

    Ok, here is what happened. I joined the server and see a guy ([ROC] something) who is 90-16 so i figured "good, some competition" I melee him once from above he comes back and i melee him again and he dies. He then bans me from the server like that, without a word said. I kill him once, in...
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    DOA server

    Does anyone know how i can get a hold of one of the admins for the DOA Server? Scriptors under the clan name |PORN have pretty much taken it over. Each time i own the leader he crashes the server.
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    Doa's ESF

    Who the hell runs this server? I have nothing bad to say about the server per SAY, but i just ran into a really *** ass admin who was there. His name is [ROC]-FalseAlarm. I had to waste 3 cd keys to get an answer as to why i was banned out of this prick. The first time he kicked me without...
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