1. H

    Dudes, I need the cl_dlls and dlls

    Ok dudes, I did a system restore today to get rid of a virus and it deleted the cl_dlls and dlls. If someone could please, PLEASE post them. ;D ;D ;D :p :p :p :cry:
  2. T

    dlls Issue

    I have EVM 1.2a Client Pack installed to my ESF 1.1 and i'm trying to play on my server with the EVM Server Pack 1.2 and it says "Your .dll [cl.dlls\client .dll] differs from the server's" What is wrong with it i can't figure it out... Please Help Thank You.
  3. R

    Steam problem with dlls

    I got 1.2 the other day and i installed it it went in fine but when i tryed to play it errod and said halflife/esf/cl_dlls/client.dll missing What do i do :cry:
  4. Hexus

    Client DLLs

    Hi, im new, my name is Hexus......ANYWHO I know lots of people have most likely asked this but, ill ask again. I need some serious help with esf. I installed it, and i went to start playing, in other words i started Half life, went to custom game and esf, i tried dcreating a LAN game but it...
  5. M

    what are those AlphaBeta FMODes DLLs for?

    I saw those DLs: http://esf-world.com/download.php?file_id=252 and http://esf-world.com/download.php?file_id=253 what are those files for?
  6. samurai^Kurai

    Studiomdl & transparent dlls

    i am searching for studiomdl and the transparent ddls to make models transparent the link in the stickies doesn´t work
  7. B

    cl dlls

    every time i try to play esf it says windows can not load library cl_dlls and it takes my out of half-life i have the cl_dll file but it will not work i have 1.1 beta :cry:
  8. HitmanXtreme


    This is my second map I wanna make. It's on the destroyed kai planet, where Goku, Vegeta and Boo fought. Here are some screens from the map. wave.prohosting.com/hitmanx me want crits
  9. Vengaurd

    tranforming animations

    i cant seem to find out what file tells half life what things to use in the transformations (gokus lightning, rocks, aura ect.) any help here would be nice
  10. Kain

    SSj2 lightning aura

    is there a lightening aura out there for download?