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    DivX on 360.

    I'm at a friends place and I brought my desktop drive and we were planning to watch some movies on his HD TV but we cannot seem to play DivX coded movies on his 360? Is there any quick/easy way to get these videos to play? We got 360, portable hard drive and a PC. D:
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    cell jr SKIN

    i have re-edited this Cell Model which was NOT!! made by ME!! ICEMAN!! i RESKINNED it.. although i did NOT model it... is that clear for yall crits... ok now here's the link credits to: i do not know... if anyone recognizes that model and know who made it please inform me A.S.A.P and once...
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    Kaioken Video

    Kaioken Video *update* Ok reupped the Kaioken and SSJ3 Video You will need WinRAR 3.2.0 and DivX 5.0.5 Thanks to ^ZacK^ for the acc. :yes: To the Teasers Videos These files are hosted on free.fr so the upstatus is not guranted.
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    Referance Pics

    I need some ref pics of super buu (the one after evil buu asorbs good buu) here is a list of pics that can help alot -Side View Standing up -Front View Standing up When im done with it im gonna have trusted people animate it, skin it and bone it. p.s. Hey metr0-tek this is...
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    Divx problems

    Hello everyone, I hope you can help me. Here are my specs: Intel Pentium II 400mhz/ overclocked to 600mhz Leadtek Winfast A170 DDR TH (Geforce 4 mx440 64 DDR) Windows XP pro WITHOUT service pack 1 installed Windows Media player 8.0 DivX player 2.0 , DivX codec 5.0.3 Bsplayer...
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    nice girl art

    nice henk art its so a simple art made in less than one min. her it is i like it very much !
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    My Vegetto Skin from NED's model

    Here they are.. they're my very first, so don't be too harsh. <IMG SRC="http://images.deviantart.com/large/indyart/indymisc/Vegetto_Skin.jpg"> <BR> <IMG SRC="http://images.deviantart.com/large/indyart/indymisc/ssj_Vegetto_skin.jpg">
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    divx encoding sux heres another

    Seeing that noone here knows about video encoding i must share my knowledge.... (well mabye some pppl do i'm not trying to insult anyone) divx 5 5.01 5.02 they all are pretty good but theres a technique that beats the crap outt'a them. it's called sbc encoding and uses divx 3.11 (alpha i think...
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    Tien and MAjin Vegeta.....

    http://ersenosman.users.btopenworld.com/majinvegeta.avi http://ersenosman.users.btopenworld.com/tien.avi derreuns helped me with the hair on vegeta....