1. H

    video code for div overlay

    can someone help me how am I going to put the code into my div overlay. I've tried so many time but the youtube code just won't work on div but when I try the traditional layout it seems fine again.....weird does youtube and myspace not supportting any 3rd party layout like bbz overlay but...
  2. imported_Da_G


    may be a stupid question(im from nederland so i dont know all the words) but what are credits
  3. H

    My Vegetto Skin from NED's model

    Here they are.. they're my very first, so don't be too harsh. <IMG SRC="http://images.deviantart.com/large/indyart/indymisc/Vegetto_Skin.jpg"> <BR> <IMG SRC="http://images.deviantart.com/large/indyart/indymisc/ssj_Vegetto_skin.jpg">