1. D

    Ditch Kazaa now! (See thread for further details)

    Ditch Kazaa now, the Feds are Monitoring it! The Same goes for Kazaa Lite! http://www.tech-critic.com/comments.php?catid=1&id=4904
  2. G

    Vegeta I made

    I have been moddling for about two weeks, this is my best model so far (I did not make the skin I just used the original beta 1 esf skin for vegeta) Now I know there are problems with the connections between pieces of the model, especially with the head. So if you have any tips with connecting...
  3. Deverz

    The sig thread to keep it or ditch it

    This poll is to decide the fate of the sig thread If it's ditched the Art forum will be open to sig threads but Off-Topic will remain sig thread free. If the list is kept request's will be PM only
  4. Q

    My new project

    My New Image well I just finished a cool pic that I was working on (well i think its cool anyways) tell me what u think everyone<br>