1. M

    Digital Distribution vs. Retail

    Whether it's music, films, video games, books, applications, etc, which source do you prefer to (legally) obtain your media from?
  2. M

    Desura - Mod DB's Digital Distribution Plaform

    Source: http://www.moddb.com/groups/desura/news/introducing-desura
  3. M

    PROPOSAL - ESF Open Beta Distribution method

    Hey, i saw the news on the esforces main page and would like to propose a method for the distribution. Ever since a few months i`m active in the linux community.. and i noticed that most linux/open source projects are using subversion or cvs to maintain there versions and they also share...
  4. imkongkong

    who is in charge of video game distribution?

    what exactly are the rules for video games? who is in charge of video game distribution, for the content, etc.
  5. T

    file distribution

    while setting up mirrors for esf1.2 , IS IT also POSSIBLE TO ALSO MAKE A BITTORRENT FILE of ESF1.2? i think it would help alot
  6. Mr. Satans

    [NEW] Cloud (For Trunks)

    I edited the Cloud model recently released to give him a normal form. Who do I ask for permission...ehh...crap I think I'm late on that one ~_~ damn I'm new to this, anyways I won't release it w/o permission & creds. This edit was extremely simple but I thought it was needed. <center>CREDITS...
  7. B

    Idea for 1.1 distribution!

    Everyone that has ESF beta 1.1 please put it on Kazaa/e-donkey or some other file transfer system This will lighten the load of the current d/l server a few thousand heads are better than one big one
  8. G

    Ned's Vegito Model

    This can be spam and i'd like this to be Q&A CLOSED but i wanna know: What's the deal on the Ned Art Vegito model?? You can't download it anywhere, but its soooooo great. Don't flame me i want awsers only not flames telling me i'm stupid for asking.