1. E

    Cognitive Dissonance

    Hey, guys. What's happening? Been a while since I posted something. So, I want you guys to take a look at my online comic I've been doing lately. I'm not entirely sure if we consider this advertising - I should know, I am a super moderator -_-; - but I mostly want crits and comments about...
  2. Majin_You

    Harmony of Dissonance

    Well, I pity anyone who hasn't tried this game yet. If you have GBA in your posession, I would strongly suggest picking it up, Graphically and fun factor speaking, it is well worth the money I payed. The music took a serious blow because of the graphic boost, but it could be worse, it only...
  3. Majin_You

    Harmony of Dissonance

    Anybody here familiar with the latest istallment of Castlevania (for GBA, again)? It is HoD (Harmony of Dissonance), at least thats what it is gonna be called in North America. (Concerto of Midnight Sun is the name in Japan, I think). It is supposed to be better than CotM in every way except...