1. J-Dude

    Why are my Music discs screwing up?!

    I'm not big on a lot of the music people consider cool. I know little about bands, and my taste is very particular. It's usually, but not always isolated pieces that catch my ear, and so I love to collect my favorites and make a mix cd to play in my car on my way to school or work. However...
  2. R

    Cell : discs

    well ive been playing this game for quite a while now and ingame cell has the frieza discs. now i finally got to see the cell games episodes of DBZ, and in those episodes, cell has krillins destructo disc. i'm not gonna make a big deal out of this, just a question : will cell have destructo-...
  3. ZeroNightmare

    Rework Discs . . .

    I think this has ben discussed before but...shmeh. I find that discs are somewhat useless... First of all... they are slow They make noise. They are UBER easy to dodge. I think they should at least get a speed buff, make them cost more energy to fire, or something, but i have no use...
  4. MajinVegeta Tim

    Regeneration after discs for buu and cell

    When buu and cell get hit by discs they die even tho they can regenerate. so i think that if cell or buu get hit by the disc they should take damage depending on whether the disc is fully charged or not, then they will be cut in half and be unable to do anything except charge regeneration...
  5. imkongkong

    changing discs

    i was playing BFP and the frieza disc would home on to you like the mechmod homing missles would. it was so fun dodging it trying to get away from it. it wouldn't home exactly, but have a wide range to turn, but the point is that it would home on to you. a way to dodge it could be to wait...
  6. T


    HELLO! i have a suggestion. for freeza's distructo disk move, is it possible you can make it go a bit slower but have more turning control so that we can control it better and see it better and actually make it follow some one.
  7. PiXel

    DISCS!!!! be carefull with krillin in the nex time

    :smile: discsa attack its for ....... ^^ i shouldnt tell it its for a pack so what u think the discs are rotating they dont stay like at the scrennshots :] critz???
  8. T


    Is there any point to completely charging either the Destructo Disc or Frieza's disc? Since they are one-hit kill, does charging add anything to them?
  9. catfish

    THink i found a little bug in esf_city

    Ther eis a building in esf_city... it is just near a spawn point that is on top of a medium-height building. The building *NEXT* to the building with the spawn point on top of it, has got like a hole taken out of it. This is not the bug. If you fly above that building with the hole (it's...
  10. S

    Catching discs

    I think if you have a high enough pl that you should be able to catch discs, or at least have a chance to catch them ( if not then u r dead) but it is just a way so discs aren't invinsible and if there is homing discs people won't camp becasue that attack won't be used in mass( b/c hey it can't...
  11. Vladdie

    double discs

    i have a suggestion what if u can use two discs at the same time. i'm saying this for the disc lamers eh.
  12. DJ-Ready

    What´s whth the discs in beta1.0?

    Will the disc be weaker then now? Coz the discs really suc* ... also, there r bug, you can fly with normal speed AND you have a disc in your hand....
  13. S


    in the cell saga SSJ gohan just holds a destructo disk from cell, maybe you can make it possible that then a disc is fired at you. and you block the disc will be hit away so its block able, i really hate discs, but they have to be in the game, like with counterstrike the AWP has to be in the...
  14. C


    OK, the several Internet servers that are ever available ( i hope this game gets more attention as it has some very high potential) None of them allow the Flying discs. I think they should be somehow edited because they make every other attack seem pitiful.