1. J-Dude

    Internet Connection regularly Disconnects

    For as long as I can remember, by Internet connection has had a tendency to fail, unprovoked in regular intervals once or twice a day. For quite a long time, I thought it was my DSL modem needing a refresh-restart, but a recent discovery proved this wrong. You see, whenever this would happen...
  2. L

    timeouts and disconnects on a cable modem???

    what the hell is up with esf 1.2.1 i never had this problem with esf befor other then the game crashing out to desktop on 1.2 every once and a wile. now when i play esf on the servers i seem to drop for no reasion and i think everyone else does to.
  3. X

    Every time i try to load it the internet disconnects and stops loading!plz help...

    Plz help me!I've have been trying for so long and i love this game!Also my computer is a windows millenium just to tell you.
  4. J

    Disconnects me!

    Hey!.....When i get in a server i sometimes get disconnected. Mostly happens when theres 3 people in the game. Sometimes i can't even join a game. I just get diconencted and a hl.exe error shows up.....Any Help? :confused: