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    Disconnected from Server - Reliable Channel Overflowed.

    Just three questions... What exactly does this mean? Can it be fixed directly by me? and How do I fix it. A little background about the topic, i will be on ESF and there will be one game with players on it, so instinctivly I join that game because you can't do anything in this game without...
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    HELP disconnected plz....

    When i try to play online i join a server and it tells me that i have been disconnected for the reason : Invalid STEAM UserID Ticket how do i fix it plz help :shocked: :shocked: :scared: O_o
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    Server disconnected

    Aftr I downloaded esf, I tried to playthe game in a server but my ping fluctuated horribly from 600 to 3000. My game finally crashed and an error message came up on the screen saying "Cl Flush Entity Packet". This same message also came up whenver I tried to play ****er Strike. Afterwords I...