1. Morvin

    Swoop trail disappears...

    Well, I dont know if this only happens with me but when I activate the turbo mode and go to swoop the trail just disappears! I wonder if this is happening with you too...:p
  2. S

    while panning model disappears (3dsmax)

    HELP!!1!!231! what the title says, if i hold down my mouse wheel to pan the model just disapears and i only see the bounding box till i release it >_< i just need an answer then the topic can be closed, but atm, i cant work under these conditions :(
  3. D

    blue attack disappears

    when i recentaly blocked a spirit bomb and while i was trying to push it back i was shot at with a blue attack which disappeared into the spirit bomb not evan an explosion just POOF!!!! gone
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