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    ZOMG! Disappearing Threads!

    Seriously, where did my "State of the Forums" thread go and why was it (re)moved?
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    spirites disappearing after death, some should, some shouldnt => buggiez!

    2 examples: 1st the good one - if a blob of lets say a 9miler pl player khh's hits somewhere in a map where most pplz pl's is about 2-1 mil and starts to become bigger... and then it wont become smaller... it will become even bigger then the whole map it wont disappear from my sight untill...
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    Disappearing terrain

    In third person mode, when i am facing toward the center of the map or thereabouts with my back to the extreme edge, all the terrain disappears. All i can see then are player models and sprites. I belive this is due to the fact that my view point is outside of the edge of the map looking in. its...