1. D

    My Goku Head

    im wondering if anyone can give me any idea's on how to improve my face Mesh, im just not happy with the face, but dont know what to do with it i know its messy, but poly count doesnt matter at this stage P.s the skin isent final
  2. Tyrael

    where do you get ........

    those nice pictures in the signatures for instances like -{gF}- Trunks or Majin Gotenks i wanna have that to :cry: :\
  3. S

    New Model Head WIP

    hey guys, first REAL model ever... its supposed to be an alien thingy, havent came up with a name yet... heres a pic C&C Greatly Appreciated
  4. S

    Bonzi Bloody

    well i made a little crapy pic i hate the monkey...... ;( *EXPLETIVE DELETED* *EDIT* Try not to swear, okay? We have an anti-cuss rule around here for a reason... -Chimpbot- *EDIT*
  5. ZuL


    I finished modeling a monster i call RaizerBakkh , and i am wondering, can anyone export it from .3ds to .mdl, so SKULLEYES can skin it? Heres the url to the pic by the way: http://dynamic3.gamespy.com/~rocketcrowbar/attachment.php?s=&postid=1985 ZuL
  6. D

    Frieza 2 model

    ummm no offense or n e thing its a great model... but wasnt frieza like huge in form 2? i thought he was... the model seems a little small..its a good model just a little small.. i dunno peace
  7. R

    Map Quality

    I dont know if this is the right forum to post this, but this is a map question, as im hearing, there will be very huge maps in the next version, or just scaled down models, "whateva", anyways, in huge maps like cellgames or something, when i fly to top of the map in clouds, i cant see the...
  8. MONXver1.5


    There should be a section just for them. Its cramping the art section.
  9. R


    my official first skin:D gimme comments..i'll post all updates on model/skin here!!!!!
  10. Darkness

    Map ideas

    Post new map ideas here and ill try and realise the best one along wit local shop and anyone else who wants to help
  11. A

    no more doubles

    Yo, i think u should really consider this idea all right here... i think people should be able to change they're players color in this like in normal Half-Life heres sum examples... you could have some gokus with a black (or ne color) Gi and brown skin, or pale skin or sumthin or...