1. J

    wooo really like dis one.

    What u guys think? and dont say ne thing about the border.

    check dis out

    <img src="http://img44.photobucket.com/albums/v136/SPIDER-BITE/spidermansiga_copy.jpg"> i started making a new spiderman sig, this isn't finished but what do u think, wat could i add and stuff. i've tried putting a peter parker pic in it but it doesnt seem to work with it.

    check dis out

    i was just playing around and i did these, i made like 10 diff ones with varitations, but this ones are from the top and bottom of the scale. They're not good, but wat do u think.
  4. G

    my game dont look like dis

    my esf doesnt look like this
  5. V

    say whaa check dis out :)

    hey umm soz 4 making a dum thread but ummm can some1 plz tell me where i can get jedi night 3 or jedi academy or wat eva its called im looking 4 part 3 if u wana close this thread can u plz wait after if some1 tells me where i can get it magus or u other fullas :! thx
  6. Nuttzy

    bebi piccolo replacement release

    (old picture) new model ^_^ http://www.angelfire.com/pro/bbadapter/bebi.zip the readme also says this, if someone wants to make a vegeta replacement pack go ahead ill allow that, but nothing else, also it has no sounds cuz i couldnt get ahold of my sound guy all day yesterday, and i got a...
  7. DragonDude

    Your Mapping... HL1 or HL2?

    I was just curious, how many mappers here are planning on switching and mapping only for HL2 when it comes out? Myself, I'm going to try it, because it adds tons of new and useful features with AI and scripts, but I don't know if I'm going to completely switch over. What are you guys planning?
  8. T

    goku and vegeta

    check dis out... i made it a while back but i decided ill like to show it to yall
  9. DocJay

    DocJay's experimental art

    My first post since a century :cool: I'm gonna show you some wallpapers in my new experimental style. enjoy! from new to old plus my sig and avatar tell me what you think
  10. Mr. Satans

    [NEW] Cloud (For Trunks)

    I edited the Cloud model recently released to give him a normal form. Who do I ask for permission...ehh...crap I think I'm late on that one ~_~ damn I'm new to this, anyways I won't release it w/o permission & creds. This edit was extremely simple but I thought it was needed. <center>CREDITS...
  11. catfish

    Idea for map - sky

    I recently when on my first plane flight and while looking down on the clouds I thought you could make an ESF map similar to this. There is a map called esf_skyarena that uses cloud effects. I don't know for sure how sky textures work, but I think they make a complete cube around the map...
  12. Hawki_ice

    Problem with Tien

    Ok i was using the Tien pack i got and it was working fine with the Distructo disk! then i put the Redsayin Tien models in and the Disck charges in the wrong hand meaning he rasies his hand but it charges in the one that by his side???? help what do i do 2 fix it? *edit* Pic
  13. E

    new map on the way - hen_unforgiven

    my newest map is near completion. i've just got to test it a bit more and get sum good pics. then i will try and put it on rs, like my last 1 then. but anyways brief desription: its generally a gloomy map (hence title so don't complain to me). there's a half-ruined sorta building thing...
  14. Logan4434


    ok....i have a really good idea...i can make an ssj3 gotenks,but for the normal model i wanna do this.i want goten and trunks normal together as the normal model......it would need new animations,i have an idea for trans tho.....for the trans they could do the fusion dance.i need an animater to...
  15. Black Saiyan


    does anyone have just blank model(just skin) so i can edit it??
  16. G

    Ned's Vegito Model

    This can be spam and i'd like this to be Q&A CLOSED but i wanna know: What's the deal on the Ned Art Vegito model?? You can't download it anywhere, but its soooooo great. Don't flame me i want awsers only not flames telling me i'm stupid for asking.
  17. L


    On the map im making, when you are at one side of the map, your unable to see the other side, how do you make it so you can? (with out making map smaller.....) O_O
  18. Optional


    TM_NorthHighway - FINISHED! images: http://members.lycos.co.uk/optional3335/ESF/tm_northhighway2.jpg http://members.lycos.co.uk/optional3335/ESF/tm_northhighway3.jpg http://members.lycos.co.uk/optional3335/ESF/tm_northhighway4.jpg DL link: click on "TM_NorthHighway.zip"...
  19. B

    Funny Idea

    Well... I just got a funny idea! Why not edit a ESF model and put your own head on it.:laff: Like this : You put your own head on Vegeta or something.
  20. E

    WallPaper Xos

    Hey guys im back, first time I went back to the GFX in a few months.