1. sub

    AI Director in future Valve games?

    This is just me wondering aloud here, but I'm thinking Valve will incorporate the AI director into some of their future games such as Episode 3. Considering all of their games are developed on the Source Engine, I would imagine it would be relatively easy to get the AI director code up and...
  2. imkongkong

    afraid of monsters is back! director's cut get it? got it? goood! gonna check this out after it's done downloading ^^
  3. $sj Goku

    Adjust The auto Director IN Spec_mode

    The auto director is good... But it only goes side to side... and when using it you only see the player getting hit from somewhere ... and sometimes u actually see the player coming from the sides to hit... The cam should target on lookin where the player is looking while staying behind...
  4. S

    can some1 help me i dont no where to put the gohan pack

    plz can u help me everythings the same except for the sounds but i dont want mystic gohans sounds i want teen gohan sounds and it wont let me do that so can some1 help me:cry: ;(
  5. S

    Where Do i put the MDL to try it on the game?

    In WIch Directory
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