1. morphhh

    I din't know that is a bug

    Well... i have the counter-strike no steam 1.6(of course i don't have CD Key original)so... i tried to install ESF on directory of CS 1.6 NO Steam(that counts half-life too) then i started the game normal in 1st time but when i trying now... is asking CD Key Someone can talk something about...
  2. Ashur


    Why not animate the mouth of chargeters... For starter it could be animated when you trans .. the screem/talk... Then when charecters say soem thing like FINAL FLASH!!! or kame hame ha..... You it would feel really realistic and all :laff: But i dont have high hopes on it ...
  3. O

    garlic jr

    i wanna make a garlic jr model but i wanna ask you guys if you wanna have it because i know 5 DBZ mod and only Ebfp has one. Now this is what i was thinking about: -Make it for BUU Attacks: 1-melee 2-ki 3-generic beam 4-belly blast 5-Dead zone Explain the Deadzone: make the...
  4. S

    Were can i DL the following??

    does any one no were i can download a ssj2 goku.. an ussj trunks. i realy wish to play these 2! can any one help me??:scared: (for esf)
  5. S

    ** Conversion Rel**

    ok, this is a conversion for gohan. It is azn dragon's excellente battle damaged teen gohan model. and my friend lil gohan made the SS model actually have yellow hair so he actually transforms. I included sounds (I got the kamehameha from lil gohan as well and the trans and sheildha are...
  6. S

    Ma ki attack sprite

    yo guyz i made this sprite ya see a ki attack Click da button i would like to here ya opinion...
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