1. H

    I didint know where to put this but...

    i know there is other mods beside esf but i dont even have esf yet but just for future refrence how do i make a mod work on half-life1
  2. Wangster

    omg, he didint got pie!

    i wasnt planning on posting this here, i wont mention the reasons cuz it wud prolly start a whole discussion of a billion pages long, the main reason im posting it here is cuz Sohl is down atm >< anyways , here it is.. i didint know what to do with the hair, so id figure id give him a rock...
  3. S

    its another one from my friend YO

    it be called yo i wonder why
  4. Wangster

    srry, didint fit in the styles topic.

    well, i made another topic for this one, cuz it isnt a style, its just some crappy thing i made up. its an evil munskin :D check it out: