1. Triksterism

    Mr. Satan / Dewd In The Newd

    What da heo goin' on hurrrrr D:!!!! Anyways, I decided to come back, see what was up. Shnazzy new website/forums I must say! Also, I was an idiot and changed my old username to "Dewd In The Newd" with some fancy characters which borked the login process. So, hello and now for some...
  2. Kaination

    Happy birthday, Dewd in the Newd.

    I haven't forgotten about you \o/ HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  3. .Guzzie.

    Happy Birthday to Dewd in the Newd

    It rox to live in Australia. You get to see people's birthday's ealier than the others =] Happy Birthday to these two special people =] Optimus Prime and Dewd in the Newd Have a good one eh :yes: -Guzzie
  4. V

    Warriors of Destiny

    I'm working on a mod[quake 3 engine], and we need some more team members... Anyone that can code, model, skin or make sprites may join... PM me if you want to... grtz