spirit boom :devsmile:

    i have an idea how about the small spirit boom blows you up and then lifts you in the air like when goku give his spirit boom to krilin and then attacked vegeta think about it its the original small spirit boom ??? :yes::yes::yes:
  2. PiXel


    OOZARU is there hehe we would be make it sooner online it sssj oozaru well i ask my clan leader when he can make a pic muhaha it so crayzy i have to fixed the monster it come soonnnn :devgrin: :devsmile: :devil: ;D
  3. I


    here's my pan reskin... hope u like it.. i dont know who the author of this model is but as soon as i find out who did it ill post it :D
  4. Mr.Bugskin

    FirstTime With Bryce

    Well guys this is my first time using bryce and heres mine what i made Click on my profle and go to my site and see the wonders!
  5. B

    Model Search Request

    Hi,im new to the fourms and i was wondering if anyone knew where i could probally find a Cooler(frezias older brother)or a Pikion Model i used the search button and searched the forums but cant find them does anyone know if any of theres two models been released yet.....:)
  6. TimTheEnchantor

    Someone ripped Exploding Aura..

    All artist's beware They blatantly took Exploding Aura V2 the bg and use it on their forums. If they do not take it down, legal action will be taken, as I have copyrighted every image I make. His name is gipper. Edit: seems he has taken it down, but...
  7. B

    Need Modlers

    I have Create a Download site and a Esf League! and i need every good modler and news poster and forum admins Somebody will?
  8. God Gundam

    A Head That Talks!!!

    well i got inspired the other day to actually do something for a 3d movie project my friend and i are putting together. so i made part of the main chars head and animated it. just wanna know what you guys think bout it. head.avi
  9. Wuying Ren

    Vegeta with jacked

    I finished my absolutly first model. Its my first so I only mixed two original models. (its just a model edit not a new model)
  10. Q

    Please send me all ur models

    Send me all ur models so i can post them on my new ESF fan page and give them publicity i will also review them:yes: