1. T

    You are being duped by the devs

    Myself and many others have been waiting on the mod to be released for a very long time now. Every once in a while we get some picture to hold us over, or even a trailer...which was delayed... Do you think the developers really care about the community? I honestly do not. What if I told...
  2. Nick_Da_Wizard

    WHAT WOULD HAPPEN. if the devs lost the mod files :O

    would we never see the mod? or is it stored away underground 600 metres inside 60cm thick titanium steel and inside that is a small man called rubin who screams relentlessly at anyone who somehow enters. then the portable hard drive is stashed away in a safe inside of a safe inside of a safe and...
  3. omnomnom

    Thank you Devs

    For everything... Now to the rest of you.... DO NOT WANT
  4. Promiscuous Girl

    Which Devs Appeal To You The Most ?

    This is all based on a regional perspective only, of course. I got this idea for a topic after reading the July issue of the GI Magazine-- i came upon this quote from the last guy i expected to see this from-- That was quite an honest and humble observation-- however, i don't agree with him...
  5. A

    Server Crashing Anger(NOTE NOT AIMED AT DEVS OR MODS)

    OK, this overflow crap is starting to get on my nerves. I cant play a decent game without getting booted every 10 min from overflow, whether natual or from Devil's own unique brand of ***ness. There are overflow blockers for HL, I have seen them with my own 2 eyes. I am not trying to sound...
  6. P

    Small request for the devs

    Hi, My clan has been running one of the few dedicated ESF servers for a few months now and I just would like to know if I could get the Linux server release a day or 2 before the official 1.1 release so I could have the server ready for the community. I can also offer a mirror for the 1.1...
  7. K

    Mappers !!!

    Wut map r u guys WIP ???????
  8. D

    plz read this DEVs

    i was thinking of informing PCGamer of esforces but i wanted to get the devs permission first. if pcgamer were to put this into their magazine, the popularity would skyrocket, but at the same time it might bring some attention from funi. for that u guys could use the disclamer thing dmz uses at...
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