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    New Funimation Channel 24/7 Devoted to Anime Cartoons

    I don't know if you guys know about it or not, but apparently Funi plans on having its own network devoted to dubbed anime, and i thought you guys who are anime fans regardless to what u think of funi, might be intrested in this ^_^. I found this on the dbzonps2 boards acourse, since some of...
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    WIP King Kai

    well i was bored today and alot of ****t has been happening to me and well i just felt like laying low today so i devoted today to learning 3ds and ****t is what i came out with. *edit i already made his robe longer
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    Devoted Half-Life Modellers Needed!

    LaZer Half-Life wants YOU! We need a devoted Modeller/Skinner/Amimator to help make LaZer happen! LaZer is basically a Laser Tag mod for Half-Life, and not one member of it's dedicated team wants to see it die, in fact, they aren't even recognizing it as a possibility. Only 2 models are...