1. wheres_

    gg's devjournal

    i dont know if this is old news coz ive been away for two weeks so... Check it out: ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Lookin good guys, frieza's eyes are looking teh secks.
  2. U

    Site Suggestion ~ Devjournal Commentary

    I was wondering if it was ever suggested or considered if dev journals could have a "comment" feature like the mainpage. Think it would be a nice addition, i also used search and couldn't find this suggest.. altho what to search exactly is kinda akward.
  3. T

    Ssj 3 Dev-Journal (back online for a little while)

    Hey, Here's my journal back online for I way, I've had a lack of updates due to school-work :P (really busy atm) but today (thursday) I've had 1 spare hour so take a peek at: *post any comments in this thread ;)* btw sorry for the wierd layout, but it's pure for...