1. Disguise

    Ki Beam detonation

    Simple suggestion here. Add a delay to detonating Ki attacks, like by 2 seconds. That way it will give players a chance to approach the Beam to block it, catching the enemy off guard. It will also be easier to dodge the explosion radius, so it can't be spammed. As a result, make the blast...
  2. D

    finger laser detonation

    i was thinking this earlier playing esf but why not make it that when you use the first finger laser fire (the penetrating one) it can automatically detonate blasts (i suggest there be a timer when you can use the finger laser after you throw an energy attack such as death ball) this wouldnt...
  3. SuperDragonFist

    Beam detonation fix

    iv heard alot of people complaining about spamming and people detonating the beam before they can block it...iv been thinking about it and i dont think anyone in dbz ever detonated a beam before the other person can block it. What i suggest is making the beam continue but not on your hands, not...
  4. R

    Right-click beam detonation stall

    Instead of having the beams detonate the instant the right mouse button is pressed, why not, when you right-click, the beam head stops and stays still, the trail detaches from the fighter's hands, then catches up to the beam head, and when it reaches it, THEN it explodes. It doesn't have to be...
  5. Halorin

    About Detonation

    I think that the whole detonation tactic is -really- cheap with the power beams can get. If someone's skilled enough, the whole concept of blocking a beam becomes pointless since a full powered kamehameha has no problem killing you when you're even a teleport's distance away. I suggest that...
  6. Sonic the Vampire

    A thought about Detonation

    Some people think being able to detonate your beams in mid-air is strategic, and others think it aids special spam. Personally I've never seen them use beam detonation in a real fight on the show, but whatever floats your boat. Either way, I would propose something in the middle: Detonation...