1. SS4 Gogeta

    Part of Universal Studios destroyed in fire

    I remebering visiting Universal Studios way back a few years ago, sad situation,0,3571334.story
  2. SaiyanPrideXIX

    My Graphics Card is Destroyed (I think)

    Okay. Long story short, I was using my normal setup after a fresh format and was minding my own business, and the computer was working fine--better than ever, in fact. Then, after letting the WoW login screen sit for a minute while I poured myself a drink, I turned back just in time to see the...
  3. ~*Logan*~

    Matrix Site: DESTROYED!!!

    I fell victim to a matrix site. A matrix site is a form of scam that works like a pyramid method. You but a spot in a line to slowly climb the ladder until you are first in line and get your gift. I found right afterwards and found how matrix sites REALLY work. I went to...
  4. Probose

    I want the wen 1 thing get destroyed, other thing automatic get destroyed too

    I want wen 1 thing get destroyed, other thing automatic get destroyed too The Thread name says all: I want wen 1 thing get destroyed, other thing automatic get destroyed too How can i do it? I want that wen 1 func_breakable entity get destroyed, 1 env_model get destroyed too. How can i do it?
  5. O

    i destroyed my vegeta

    i need the original model file for vegeta.. i downloaded the majin saga vegeta.. when i do the blue/yellow beam with him he becomes really long and ugly.. then he turns back to normal.. and when i do the gallitgun he like waves with it.. i kinda miss all the attempts so kill any1.. so please...
  6. Messiah Daz

    Im Back And Ready To Go!

    Yep Im back into mapping. Im sure my old friend Dj-Ready will be there to help like he used to. I need some ideas on a map to make. I am thinking of my own city version? Well cmon people IDEAS!
  7. Cold Steel

    don't have name yet WIP

    Well this my first map. Just want some critz. Here are some pics. Just a reminder if the link doesn't work just pate and copy. You all know the deal.
  8. M

    Goku ssj3!!!

    I have notices that Goku ssj3 is a model thats difficult to make now i'm goin to try make this model these pictures are goin to help me hope fully plz let me know what all of u think of this idea and maybe i will ask for help so if u want to help me plz do
  9. F

    Is there Cells destroyed arena?

    Is there a map of cell fighting arena? i mean after it has been destoyed from Cell? Coz i wannw try doing my first map for esf, and i don´t want doing any maps that already exist.