1. SA_Gohan

    a web designing I go

    Making an unusual and likely to be horrifying step into 2d design, I decided that this weekend would be a great time to make my own website. I've come up with this so far; I'm pretty happy with the design itself, but I'm not too sure about the...
  2. B

    New Force Fighters Z

    ok im working ery hard but its Done!!!!! The new FFZ side is online on old Url With many new Models Maps Misc Sound and The League System is NOW!! Ready Sorry too all for Long long Wait :( Join FFZ Now And Host your Models Post your News See and Post Downloads...
  3. Rajikk

    A good name

    Hey could someone come up with a decent name for a character this is really serious nothing stupid just a good name for a character I'm making. I'm terrible at coming up with names.
  4. Seph`

    Website Interface

    Hey all, I'm in the middle of designing and interface for my Myth Of Somasite, and this is what i have so far Tell me what you think and can you tell me how to get the specific areas clickable and send you to one place, defined by me. eg the "Forums" button on it would take u to the...