1. J

    Wont Let Play Do To Problem In Description

    Are you using Steam? Yes Are you using version 1.2.3 of ESF? Yes Are you trying to run any ESF add-ons? - I got ECX RC2 Big Pack V8.4 < did problem when first got just ESF What game are you trying to install ESF into? None Are you behind a router or firewall? Yes Are all your...
  2. RoshkoMasta

    Map Description Bug - a new one and an easy one I think! ( gl fixing it esf team )

    sometimes, (or is it always?) the map description: is the thing that we can see when we start a server or change a map or in the team selection menu sometimes when I change a map I see => when Im suppose to see the map description - I see the map description of the previous map...
  3. Yazuken

    Weird compiling warning and error

    Hey, when i compile i keep getting the following warning: Using Wadfile: \sierra\half-life\valve\halflife.wad - Contains 5 used textures, 100.00 percent of map (3116 textures in wad) Using Wadfile: \sierra\half-life\esf\esf.wad - Warning: Larger than expected texture (348972 bytes)...
  4. N

    Anyone interested??

    If any mappers has nothing to do, or getting bored, can anyone make a map for my clan?? I'll let him/her join in return... Here's the map description: - Sunny day (bright) - a reskin of esf_afm - but with out the mountains and towers - instead put the bridges on the same places and...
  5. Emeka650

    EFH Gotenks

  6. Megasaxon

    Speaking of wallpapers....

    i've done a new one, so, if you feel like checking it out, head on over to and yeah :), comments welcome Update: Whoops, my bad, added an extra forwardslash for no reason :o (link works now)
  7. S

    how do i get skins and models to work please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yo how do u get skins to work????????? and how do u get models to work as well??????? please can u give me a brife description to make them work or a step by step guidee would be greatly appreiciated!! peace out