1. D

    Add some depth to Rosat

    I understand what the hyperbolic timechamber is but honestly its hard to play in because you have no depth of the walls in the thing. its a cube but you have no idea where you are located unless your looking at the chamber in the middle. it needs some shading or something on the walls to help...
  2. G

    Diving and Depth Charges

    ok, i know thats an odd title for a non submarine based game, but i have a reason for making it that, its about two things i think are flaws in the game, diving and depth charges. Diving- i dont just mean flying downard, i mean when you turn off flight while doing a move and droping much...
  3. VivaLaPineapple

    since i finally reinstalled 3dsmax

    ive been doing a couple renders. what ya think i havent figured out what kind of hair style iw ant him to have.
  4. Z

    My Own Vegeta Edit ..

    uh, So many edited my vegeta, I felt like doing it myself.. Here are my results .. CREDITS: Modell: Turk Originall skinn : Me Edit : Me lol ..Anyways, How u guys like it ?
  5. |Da|K|

    z3r0 an DaK colab poster

    hey guy me an z3r0 did a colab for the fun of it i did all the 3d an airbrushing he did all the grunge look :-D watchu think? CRIZT AN COMMENTS PLZ
  6. S

    Bad guy from NG - CG

    here you go, its a lil more than just a bunch o villians in 1 :D The aura i did a lil quickly cuz i cant be arsed to do ne more....
  7. Marauder


    well, i made this wp, took me 6 hours to render it >_< well,maybe not looking like it, but this is the most complex render i made, built from all the things i learnt.. added some things to it in ps7, dont think its done yet, might find more things to add later.. hope u like... (the pic came...
  8. T

    I draw...manga...I'm new at it though.^_^

    I draw....some stuff...>.> Why not check it out? ^_^
  9. Demi-Shadow

    another sig, this one for DakD

    crits please? i'm fairly happy with it considering it didn't take very long to make.. thanks
  10. P

    MY Brolly picture.....

    Here is a picture I drew... Inspired by Carl.
  11. M

    my first trunks drawing.

    This is my latest work, dont be so hard on me, this is my first trunks i ever drawed, comments and crits are welcome, and please tell me what points i can make better looking. Here it is! ;D
  12. S

    man i love drawing a goku!!!

    the title is from ninja turtles, the real movie - not the cartoon. i changed it abit... anyways......... tell me what do u think of my "goku profile" its a "rene"... :)
  13. E

    Guess who

    I decided to do a drawing without a reference pic. So this is more of an artists rendition. I assume you guys can tell who this is...if you can't, I suck at drawing. Enjoy.
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