1. imkongkong

    speed dependant on your PL to an extent

    each character has a max speed per transformation right? why not make that the speed ceiling that they could ever achieve in that form, while their speed would depend on their PL. you wont be at that speed unless your PL is at perfect trans. so if you have a lower PL compared to someone else...
  2. imkongkong

    Simple melee knockback dependant on PL difference

    The distance of the simple melee knockback should be dependant on your PL difference. A small difference in PL should barely sending them flying. A very large difference would send them flying further and faster. As well with blocking, if someone has a jurastic PL difference, you shouldn't...
  3. B

    Trunks with sword

    I edit an trunks with sword look here he have it only as ssj and he cannot punch with it its only to see him with sword but it looks good Credits to tha Real Modler of Trunks and to me for the new hair :) Get it on my site
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