1. C

    Dende and Porunga Models

    Just some models I've made over the past few days. They're finished but I just wanted some opinions on how they look. Pictures are low res so keep that in mind.
  2. O


    What exactly is happening to Dende? In the World Tournament saga, he was a teenager and I remember him being slightly taller than Mr. Popo. In today's episode (Old Buu Emerges) he was on the planet Supreme Kai and Old Kai escaped to, and he basically looked like his eight-year-old original...
  3. Whitecrab

    Will there be healing characters (i.e. Dende) eventually?

    Sorry if it's come up B4, but I wanna be sure. Are characters with healing abilities being planned for ESF down the road? Example with Spoilers to Frieza Saga: Like Dende, the little Namek kid, was very weak but had the ability to heal the Z fighters of their wounds during the battle with...
  4. Virtigo Seven

    Dragon Skins

    SHENLONG SKIN SHENLONG SKIN SHENLONG SKIN Look, the show is called "Dragon Ball Z/GT" correct? Then it would seem logical to have a Shenlong skin as well as a skin of the Namek dragon. Or am I just being dumb?