1. KarrdeKNR


    tl;dr, looking for a good defrag prog since the windows one isn't so great/doesn't give me much information.
  2. D

    disk defrag= bad?

    i just got finished defragmenting my computer, and i lost 2% of my freespace, i watched my wonderful GB's disappear....i thought it was just at the beginning, but it kept happening. is this supposed to happen....i thought i was supposed to gain freespace... help plz
  3. A

    I need help getting original model!!!!!

    i downloaded a model for goku(SSJ4) and put it as my ssj form, it ended up being a peice of ****. I wanted to go back to normal ssj model but i dont have another file. I need help, can someone give me a link so i can get the origanal ssj goku model? Thanx.
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