1. Ultimate Trunks


    Im having some trouble with my MilkShape 3D I dont know how to take the skeleton out of my original 1.2 goku model and put it into a new model I got off the internet because these models dont have Skeletons can someone please help me? I would be most...
  2. nemecj05

    decompiling maps....

    how do i decompile maps? i need to know so i can do some stuff (yes i have permission to do so) so please someone tell me
  3. NinJa HunteR

    How can i get Models (.mdl) in 3dsmax?

    Sorry if i'm posting in the wrong forum..if so... move it plz How can i get models(.mdl) in 3ds max 4.2 (3d Studio Max) Thx in advance
  4. U

    Need Help With Hair

    Well im reskinning (and adjusting the model a little bit) a Bebi Vegeta (not transformed) it was a redsaiyan that i downloaded first before i started reskinning, but my problem is that the hair of that redsaiyan isnt even close to the hair that the bebi vegeta should have but i saw some Vegeta...
  5. freeportpretz22

    Compiling/Decompiling in gmax

    How do you decmopile and compile in gmax? I got a bomberman waiting to be skinned and I cant get it out of gmax! Someone please help me, I'd appreiciate it! :devgrin:War Hamster:devgrin:
  6. S

    How do i open a current esf map in the map editor?

    I was wondering if someone could tell me how to open an esf map with hammer editor?
  7. M

    Vegeta jr.

    i decided to get into modeling so i wanted to make a vegeta jr. model but 1. i need so reference pics and 2. can someone tell me how to decomplie a already made model so i can edit that so it'll be easier and quicker
  8. D

    i need a little help

    okay i use milkshape and i decompiled the gohan mdl an imported the gohan.cmd and edited and saved but then in game i see no changes so plz help