1. MrPlow

    Picky DVD-RW?

    Alright i found my "old" Oblivion DVD and decided to install the game since i wanted to play some RPG. Anyway i pop the disc in and my DVD-RW starts "reading" it and then it "autoruns" but the autorun is an empty disc window and it's like there is nothing on the DVD but when i click on...
  2. Alteh

    decided to make a thread...semi new sig

    C&C on my new sig. Needed to freshin up.
  3. S

    decided to make my own sig so...

    here it is! I hope you like it I decided to make MY OWN sig so what do you think? ;) :yes:
  4. D

    My 1st REAL Work in 3DSM (w/ Photoshop)

    I...didn't REALLY know wut to I followed a tutorial, then after I finished making the object, I decided to change a bunch of stuff...and ended up with this. Critz plz
  5. A

    PiCcOlO MoDeL!!

    Im working a picoclo model for esf. All my other models got whiped out, so I decided to make a piccolo. Heres a pic: :D Critz please. Sorry about the crappy render.
  6. M

    smo's goku

    Don't see you on the mod list so you shouldn't be acting like one ;X. Anyway, I've lost it, and NEITHER of the links work, nor does red saiyan. Evidently some mod decided to have my question go unasked. Anybody have a link?
  7. Rebirah

    Was bored..

    I was bored so I decided to get on ms paint on draw.. I tried drawing my friend :P What do yall think?
  8. VivaLaPineapple

    yes its random art

    well i now have ps on my laptop so i decided to do something. this is for a mosaic at deviant art. what ya think?
  9. U

    A new trunks

    does any one no huus trunks is this i was hoping some one of u had it O_o
  10. xstortionist

    little weapon model i made for hell of it.

    yea..the other night i got a little drunk and I decided to make some type of a weapon model that would be as a staff of some sort. here it is...let me know what u think.
  11. Vladdie

    when will the new models be released

    :cry: like we have been waiting for sooooooo long but no one wil release their models. why are they waiting for so long?:cry:
  12. Logan4434


    ok,im doing a model for some mod(havent decided yet between TFC or HLDM)but when i try to compile it says"to many normals"WTF is that crap.never gotten it before.
  13. VivaLaPineapple

    niea experiments (wP)

    i suppose i should explain the name. the character designer for serial experiments lain also came up with the character designs for niea_7(niea under seven). so i decided to mix the characters aswell as the name.
  14. D


    I was bored and decided to do something in PhotoShop, heres the end result... wow, its been a while since if used PhotoShop. Crits and comments welcome!
  15. Vengaurd

    beam size

    is there a way to modify the size of any given beam? i tried editing the sprite but it did nothing for me... oohhh.... that makes me think of an bout this: remove the ki restrictions on beams so that you dont automaticly fire them, they just keep getting stronger. thats how it...
  16. S

    o snap spriggan sig

    man i just saw this movie and it owns so damn much i decided to make a sig about it. check it !
  17. M

    Where can i get the original models?

    I, being the idiot i am, decided not to save the original model. Is there any way (besides reinstalling) to get it?? Thank you.
  18. S

    Meh Portfolio Site

    hello :o i decided it was time to update my site, so I did. but, my upload speed is all messed up, so I cant upload the content yet, but you guys CAN comment on the layout. C&C Welcome
  19. Mastasurf

    Colored Gohan

    I haven't done anything art wise since the Vegeta skin so I decided to color this gohan image GohanMSX posted a few days back for practice. The Original Colored :0)
  20. S

    Nutsy Skin!

    the second i saw this model, i said to myself "I have to skin that." well, I need some crits basically. also, how do you like the blue look? should i add/remove some things? gimme some ideas on what would make it look cool. btw, i just started arms and shirt, etc, so i havent spent...
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