1. Skyrider

    Bought C&C First Decade

    Yesterday, i've bought the new "package" Command & Conquer First Decade (PC). Its not a new C&C game, but more like a package. All 11 C&C games in 1 package of 10GIG. Its amazing, and that only for $30. <-- Look a little down from the...
  2. Morrone

    DBZ Ends Now- After almost a decade of Funi its Funially over!

    it ends this week. Spirit Bomb Triumphant will be roled on Friday, and the new episodes chronologically before it. "Raise your hands! Do it before its too late. Dont let Majin Buu destroy you and your children! Please! DONT LET HIM WIN!!!!!" That has to be the best quote in the last episodes...