1. M

    Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Debut Trailer

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  2. M

    Street Fighter IV - Debut Trailer

    Yes, the trailer is great, but I would have liked to see in-game footage, which is nearly impossible since the platform for this game is undecided/unknown. Whatever system it's on, I hope it will be a 2-Dimensional game.
  3. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Pride's Open Challenge -- My Fight Club Debut. Who wants some?

    Alright...personally, I want to face Cuc eventually, but this would be my first fight and I'll probably screw up something or other. So I'm extending an open challenge to anyone and everyone else. I don't care about the setting. A wrestling arena. A helicopter. The Mesozoic. The Middle East...
  4. K

    wu_bigarena debut

    Well, I've been finished with this map for ages, and I just decided to let you guys have it. Be warned that it's very high polys, and could even fry your video card ;) There are 4 hidden senzu bean places. I also used my modified version of the hull file so the senzu beans aren't underground...