1. Mkilbride

    Steam Deals this week ~

    Not that interesting today; but be interesting, these deals always drain the wallet...
  2. frsrblch

    Deals on GPUs

    Im looking for a system upgrade (FX 5200 FTL!), and I was figured you good people would know of good places to find inexpensive graphics cards, used or otherwise. Im currently checking ebay as the prices at Compusmart made me run screaming. I was thinking of something along the lines of a 9800...
  3. L

    Bug, deals with blocking and walls.

    I was in a server earlier today, and I noticed this bug. Heres what happend: I fired a beam at someone who was close to a wall, like, literally against it. He held block, and I charged kamehameha as krillin (untransformed). As i fired the beam at him, he took damage (as expected), and...