1. JasonX


    Dbz heroes of our destiny site and forum is back up again. maybe ppl would know but some not. if you dont know what dbzhood is -------> *Removed* and for the forums -------> *Removed*
  2. J-Dude

    DBZHOOD has returned!

    *censored* http://www.I-will-not-advertise-again.com
  3. J-Dude

    Anybody Know what's happenned to DBZHOOD?

    The main site for the UT2K4 Mod Dragonball Z: Heroes of Our Destiny has been offline for some time now. I've heard rumors that the site is moving to a new home, but if so, its taking a long time. I know some of the members there are also members here, so I hoped a key member might be able to...
  4. D2

    DbzHood Models - Goku ssj BD, Freeza, Cell, Etc etc..

    Hi there peeps, I have a few models to show you, and if you dont like em.. wel too bad ! ;) Lets start of with Goku Battle Damaged Click to Enlarge and a little pose Click to Enlarge ------------ A Freeza Click to Enlarge a nice pose again Click to Enlarge...
  5. T

    DBZHooD and DBU

    I've read that there is two unfinished DBZ mods for Unreal Tournament 2004. DBZHooD is both single and multiplayer and DBU is only multiplayer. Those of you who have UT2004 should download at least one of these when they are ready. I'm going to download that DBZHooD (DragonBallZ Heroes of our...
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