1. M

    DBZ:Budokai Tenkaichi Avatars!!

    Well, i was netless last night, so i made some awsome DBZ:Budokai Tenkaichi intro 100x100 Avatars. Here goes: There are 14 Avatars Get it here!! http://www.free-hoster.cc/users/marvin/ Feel free to use them anywhere. Enjoy.
  2. crazykorean10

    I need good pic of DBZ:Budokai 3

    well yea i know that dranet thingy but i want to c more like Veggeto or SS3 Goku or SS4 Gogeta
  3. D

    DBZ:Budokai 3

    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!! O_O Dragon Ball Z ® : Budokai(tm) 3 will ship this November in North America. and 2 new screenshots.,look for your selfs Budokai 3
  4. F

    DBZ:Budokai 2 for PS2

    i have played the game it's the best dbz fighting game ever piccolo scatter shot rocks so have u played the game what do u think of it